The Accounting and Tax Applications Department is a higher education program that aims to train qualified intermediate manpower that can assume duties in the accounting departments of enterprises, public institutions and organizations, or open and run a business on its behalf after meeting legal requirements. Accounting and Tax Applications program students; To be able to run package programs related to the field, to make correspondence related to the field using a computer, to process the books used in commercial life (journal book, big notebook, inventory book, self-employment book, decision book, business book etc.) according to the procedures and principles in accordance with the legislation. it is studied. . In line with this goal; Employees who are able to comprehend the basic principles in the field of accounting, assume the functions of accounting and the importance of accounting in management, know their legal responsibilities, respect ethical values, follow legislation related to their profession and recognize, edit and store all documents used in commercial life, and have gained a planned and systematic working habit.

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